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Hey everyone! We are Christof and Kacper and we host the weekly podcast called Gear Shift. It is an hour long automotive podcast about life; we discuss topics like being a consumer, types of forced induction, and our personal stories with many types of vehicles.

Christof is an Army veteran and father that has had three years of experience working in the automotive industry as a sales, service, and parts consultant, as well as owning his own photography business and detailing business. Kacper is a ultrasonography technologist, our resident Pollack, and has a wide variety of automotive ownership history, covering domestic, European, and Asian cars and motorcycles.

We have and will invite guests on the show to help co-host episodes that have a topic where the guest may have more knowledge and experience in. We are always looking for new and better ideas to make this show as interactive and as interesting as we possibly can.

Thank you all for the support and be sure to give our media a share and let us know what you think about the show! We are always looking for good and bad feedback because without that, we will not know how to improve. Thank you again and tune in every Monday at 8 AM.

May 29, 2017

On the season 1 finale, Christof and Kacper are once again joined by Kevin "The Human DSG" and things get crazy...crazy good...and talk about jump suits, wrestling, BMWs, and Jägermeister. You know, a standard day around the office. There will be a bonus episode next week so be sure to tune in for that!

Thank you all so much for the support over the last five months and twenty episodes. We look forward to our Summer break but even more so to starting season 2 on September 11, 2017. Be sure to follow us on all of our social media accounts to stay up to date with any information.